Exile The Rebel is not your typical rapper, more so in fact he is the future of hip hop. This creative artist, whose motto enforces the timeless phrase “don't judge a book by its cover”, is more than just an unsigned rookie. From his satirical stage name to his true artistic expression, Exile is a breath of fresh air to a hip hop generation of materialism and two-step jingles. Exile The Rebel combines adrenaline filled combative lyrics with high energy performances that set him apart from the current industry.

Known for his rapid fire mid-west techniques, combined with melodic hooks, he creates an inspirational tone with the listener that provides a motivational vibe. He connects with his fans through lyrics that range from past experiences, social inequality, relationships, politics, humanity, class warfare and the daily struggles that derive from living in lower class society.

With such a wide range of lyrical content, Exile The Rebel creates an unpredictable structure, while demanding the respect of those who relate. An impressive track record, which includes a catalog of unforgettable performances,  Exile patiently awaits the “break” that will transition him from regional celebrity, to  a national recording artist.